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Devin was three years old when he first came to our clinic. He was a very low functioning autistic child; no eye contact, unable to follow commands, no verbal skills, very hyperactive....On about his tenth treatment his mother came running into the clinic saying,

"I've got to call my husband, Devin just spoke his first sentence ever!"

"I love you mommy."

-Medical Researchers for Spokane Hyperbaric Center

Spokane Hyperbaric Center is a freestanding hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinic. We are equipped to treat over 65 medical indications.

The center is 2800 square feet, with a spacious waiting room reception area, Doctors office, exam room and conference center. Our large chamber room provides five dressing rooms and 22 private lockers for patient security.

Our state of the art multi-place chamber is over twenty-nine feet long and eight feet in diameter and can accommodate twelve people. A high resolution color TV camera along with numerous large chamber view ports provide constant patient monitoring. Our patients enjoy our in-chamber television for TV or movie viewing. Piped in music can also aid in the pleasure of an ongoing treatment session. Also, the large rectangular entry door allows easy wheel chair access.